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У нас Вы найдете материалы о том, как заработать студенту, как провести свободное время, как пройти практику. также на сайте Вы можете посмотреть прикольные студенческие видео, почитать студенческий юмор.

Вопросы к экзамену по дисциплине Основное богословие

книга просвещает
  1. Понятие о предмете «Основное богословие». Его цели и задачи.
  2. Диалог. Двойная структура речи как условие достижения понимания.
  3. Диалог и доказательство. Доказательство в естествознании и гуманитарных науках. Очевидность и границы доказательства.
  4. Свидетельство как метод благовестия.
  5. Рациональные и мистические аспекты богопознания и свидетельства. Читать полностью »

Тема — Christmas (Xmas)

Merry Christmas

The word «Christmas» is derived from the words «Christ’s Mass» — the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. But although Christmas is undoubtedly a Christian celebration, it is also true to say that it is an unusual combination of pagan and Christian festivities.

A Christmas tree stands in everybody’s living room at Christmas, shining its good cheer around the room. Читать полностью »

Тема — Belarus

белорусский меловой карьер

The Republic of Belarus is a small, beautiful country with the heroic past and interesting present. It is situated in Eastern Europe. The Republic borders on Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. It has an area of 207 square kilometers and its population more than 10 million. Читать полностью »

Тема — About Myself

introduction through handshake

Let me introduce myself. I am Misha Collins. I was born on the 30th of September 1980 in Liverpool under the zodiac sign of Libra.

I was named after my grandfather because my parents considered him to be a remarkable person. I am not the only child in the family. I have a younger brother. He is a 14-year old pupil. His name is Dean. Читать полностью »

Тема — Sport in England

English kind of sports

The sport is almost always referred to simply as «football». Football was played in England as far back as medieval times. The first written evidence of a football match came in about 1170.

English football league system

The Football League, established in 1888 by Aston Villa director Читать полностью »

Тема — The USA

USA flag
žThe United States of America (commonly referred to as the United States, the U.S., the USA, or America) is a federal constitutional republic, which consists of 50 states & federal district.
We can speak about the USA without the rest, but  let me tell you some important thing about this country.

The Capital – Washington D.C. Читать полностью »

Тема — My favorite room

Моя любимая комната

My favorite room is the room where I sleep and study, work and relax. In my humble opinion students who live with their parents at the same flat like to spend time especially on their own section of a floor space. A spiritual need of a private life comes when we become too complicated inside our souls. I mean once our parents will make us cross by an incorrect understanding of our problems and passions. To me it happened when I was about 12. Since that time owning a room has been a special value to me. Читать полностью »

Тема — How behave yourself abroad

Загарают у Лувра в Париже

Today traveling to all corners of the world is very easy. I think we should coordinate our manners with the manners of the native people. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So, let’s browse the behavior of different people in different situations.

The most punctual nation is the Germans – they always arrive bang on time. The list punctual – the Italians – you should allow up to an hour for them. Читать полностью »

Тема — My favourite painter Pablo Picasso

Пабло Пикассо художник

The greatest painter and the youngest ever smoker was born in 1881 in Malaga, Spain.  His truly exceptional talent was shown with his first word – ‘lapiz’.

Picasso learned to draw before he could talk. He was the only child in his family, so he was thoroughly spoilt. He refused to go to school unless doting parents allowed him to take a pet pigeon with him! Apart from pigeons Picasso’s great love was art and he went with his father, who was a teacher of drawing, to the college. Читать полностью »

Тема — Agatha Christie is my favourite Writer

Агата Кристи с газетой

Agatha wrote 79 novels and plays. It is so incredible – about 5000000 words and behind them a painfully shy woman whose life was often lonely and unhappy. She was born in 1890 in Devon. She didn’t go to school but was educated by her mother. When Agatha was 11 her father died. Mother and daughter were grief stricken.

During the WWII Agatha worked in hospital where she learnt a lot about chemicals and, especially, poisons. May be there she decided to become a detective writer. Читать полностью »

Тема — The Wonders of the World

Новое чудо света

The wonders of the Ancient World are all buildings and statues. In the last two centuries we’ve seen unprecedented technical and scientific achievements. Computers have already revolutionized the way we live and work, Neil Armstrong was walking on the moon, penicillin and aspirin increased average life expectancy in Europe to about 75, holidaymakers travel to all parts of the world, Читать полностью »

Тема — Happiest Person in Great Britain

счастливый британец

At first I’m gonna present the happiest person in Britain by the statistics. He is a professional married man between the ages of 35 and 54, who lives in the South of England in a detached house with his wife and two children. He has a steady job in London, after work relaxes in front of the television; two times a week meets friends in a local pub, owns a dog and spends on average £120 per week. Читать полностью »

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